The House That Yauch Built.

Following the recent relocation out of the original and legendary Canal Street Studio and Office, Oscilloscope and Media Monks are excited to collaborate in creating a groundbreaking online experience of the origins, influences, and monumental moments that took place within those hallowed walls. This digital experience will be a sort of time capsule – delving into the past, present, and future of The House That Yauch Built.


An iconic space captured.

The House That Yauch Built (THTYB) is a multifaceted interactive journey allowing fans to explore every nook and cranny of the historic space, the physicality of which exceeds the literal and represents the dreams, realities and idiosyncrasies that have made Oscilloscope the icon it is today. THTYB will highlight physical spaces and objects that define the experiences and events that have helped shape Oscilloscope’s work; from music, film, philanthropy and everything in between. 


FWA of the day


Moonmen and moments never forgotten.

From the vintage Neve soundboard, to Oscilloscope’s film posters, MTV Moonmen, and other desiderata people will be able to initiate video, photo, audio, and text-based hotspots that bridge the whole experience together in both a narratively chronological and explorative nonlinear fashion. The House That Yauch Built is a monumental digital experience capturing the unique aura of Oscilloscope. 



Made possible by the following:

Agency: MediaMonks
Creative Director: Gradwell Sears
Senior Creative: Adrián Somoza
Frontend: Franco Rossi
Producer: Brook Downton
and many more Monks!


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