Rolls-Royce 103EX


Future in the making

Rolls-Royce 103EX is the first vision vehicle in the brand's 113-year history. A personalised icon for the future, providing a sanctuary of calm in an ever-faster world. The pinnacle of effortless autonomous travel, gliding silently through the cities of tomorrow. This is VISION NEXT 100.


Vision Next 100

This vision is not simply about a car study, but rather a whole new language and philosophy, an ethos describing Rolls-Royce's future vision of luxury mobility. A vehicle with soul. 



Film Views

3.3 + million film views combined across all channels. This became the most influential piece of content for Roll-Royce since 2003. The film received 1.2MM+ with an organic impact alone. 


Time Spent

The average time spent on the 103EX campaign page is 3:46. An industry benchmark demonstrating the strength of the creative with engaging content and watching the film in full.


More Likes

The creative was able to generate over 400,000+ likes across the each of the social channels. These kinds of levels of engagement has not been seen before for Rolls-Royce. 



There was an increase in related terms of interest and a shift in brand perception. People began to look at Rolls-Royce like never before, luxury +720%, future +1,600% and visionary +17,000%. 


80,000+ Brand Mentions


Gliding into tomorrow

This is not the end of the journey. Rolls-Royce 103EX represents the first of an endless range of possibilities. Ultimately, the future belongs to the owners of tomorrow: their imagination, creativity and desire to push boundaries of what’s next.



Made possible by the following:

Agency: AKQA London
Creative Director: Gradwell Sears
Senior Designer: James Hayter
Designer: Natalie Lee
Copywriter: Abby Worth
Head of Experience Design: Rob McIntosh
Director: Joe Windsor-Williams
Producer: Beth Wightman
DP: Marcus Waterloo
Male Lead: Roger Dupe
Female Lead: Georgina Howard


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